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Companies Baffled By iPhone's Success

from the who'd-a-thunk-that-making-something-people-like-works dept

Rob Hyndman points us to a news report on what must have been one of the more bizarre panel discussions at this week's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. It was a panel on the user experience of mobile phones, where a bunch of folks from other companies tried to puzzle out why people liked the iPhone so much, noting that people generally associated the iPhone more with Apple than AT&T (gee... wonder why?) What's amazing is seeing some of the execs trying to come up with solutions through more careful methodologies:
"One direction, advocated by Lucia Predolin... is to manipulate users by identifying their "need states" -- including such compulsions as 'killing time,' and 'making the most of it' -- and fulfilling them subliminally."
And that, of course, is exactly why no other company designed the iPhone before Apple. They're trying to overthink things and figure out how to manipulate users, rather than sitting back and saying "how can we build something cool that people like that doesn't suck the way existing phones do?"

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  1. identicon
    Erik, 15 Feb 2008 @ 8:10pm

    >> Adobe's Murarka proposed a more technological approach to
    >> improving the user experience, satisfying the mobile phone
    >> subscriber through better interface design.

    The article skipped right over that one, though it was the only comment that hinted at someone having a clue.

    Most of the other quotes pretty clearly illustrated why they're struggling. If nothing else at least they were good for a laugh.

    They did manage to hit on the truth, though the article is unclear as to whether the panelists actually got it.

    "deadline consciousness" simply means that users are afraid that actually using the services they're paying for will cause their bills to skyrocket. Combine that with their admittedly lousy interfaces and you have a recipe for dissatisfaction.

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