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GPS Devices Damaging Thousands Of Bridges?

from the ignore-your-navigation-system dept

In the past, we've seen stories of GPS navigation devices not knowing enough about local roads that the directions were often inappropriate for the type of vehicle -- especially trucks. It had resulted in signs being placed on roads, begging drivers to ignore their own navigation devices. Engadget now points us to a report from the UK suggesting that bad directions from navigation devices was responsible for damage to about 2,000 bridges. That seems like quite a lot. The claim is that the devices direct trucks who are much too heavy to go over bridges not designed for that kind of load. Work is now being done to get the navigation companies to at least understand the types of roads and bridges, and how that corresponds to different types of vehicles.

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  1. identicon
    Schizoid, 14 Feb 2008 @ 4:57pm

    Here we go again...

    The GPS companies don't need to accommodate for anything regarding this. Instead, the blaming fools and any other idiot who agrees with them needs to quit pointing the fricken finger and take accountability. Either put the necessary signs on and before the bridge or slap the dipsticks too brain dead to drive and abide by such signs. No different than all these other stupid comatose people/parents wanting to blame the government and everyone and everything else other than themselves for their own faulty problems in life.

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