eBay Bans Negative Feedback For Buyers; Everyone Be Good Now

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eBay has been making some changes lately that aren't sitting well with eBay sellers. First, it announced fee changes that initially were promoted as "lower fees," but the details showed were only lower for goods that didn't sell. The fees on sold goods were actually higher. Now, the company has banned sellers from giving "negative" feedback on buyers. This is quite an interesting move. Years back, eBay was often held up as the epitome of user feedback/rating systems. However, over the years, problems have cropped up, leading to questions about how effective the system really is, as it's often been gamed. A specific complaint is that many buyers are afraid to leave negative feedback, as a seller can retaliate and provide a similarly negative response to the buyers. The hope, then, is that by not allowing negative feedback, buyers can start being more honest about sellers. Of course, from the sellers' standpoint, it also means it's much more likely that buyers can now be problematic, without worrying about a response. eBay claims that it will now personally handle complaints from sellers about problem buyers -- which seems like a pretty big undertaking for the company. Either way, there does seem to be something silly in having a company offer a feedback system if you can only say positive things.

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  1. identicon
    Kenny, 30 Jun 2012 @ 1:17pm

    Bullshit email from eBay in regards to feedback

    There's no way you can get F***ing ebay to respond favorably for us sellers. This is what I got from a low-wage ebay customer service rep, a bullshit letter:

    Dear ####,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the neutral feedback that you
    received from sua.2008.

    I understand that it can be frustrating to get anything but positive
    Feedback. Since neutral feedback can only be revised by the buyer, I'd
    like to offer you some ideas on ways you can address your buyer's
    concerns and pursue possible revision of this Feedback. Below are some
    tips we've found to be effective in many cases.

    -- Acknowledge your buyer's concern. A buyer who has received an item
    that's broken or that they aren't satisfied with (whether or not the
    situation is in your control) is going to be frustrated. It's important
    to acknowledge this frustration when you respond to your buyer.

    Even a statement like, "I understand how frustrating it can be to
    receive a product you're unsatisfied with and I'd like to work with you
    to help come to an agreement" can really help.

    -- Make your buyer feel valuable. Let your buyer know that you
    appreciate the Feedback as a way to help improve your business.

    For example, if it's appropriate, consider a response like, "Thanks for
    letting me know about the unclear parts of my item description. I'm
    taking steps to make sure this confusion doesn't happen again."

    -- Offer your buyer an incentive to buy from you again. Thank your
    customers for helping you improve your business and offer them a thank
    you for their time.

    For example, you could acknowledge that while this transaction didn't go
    smoothly, you'd be happy to offer them free shipping on their next
    purchase from you.

    --Make sure your buyer's concerns are resolved before asking about
    Feedback revision. Once you're sure the buyer is satisfied with the
    resolution, you can ask if they would consider revising their Feedback.

    You can mention that Feedback is very important to your business,
    because the buyer might not realize the impact it can have. However, if
    the buyer declines, please respect their decision.

    I hope this information is helpful. I wish you the best of luck in
    resolving your buyer's concerns.

    Thank you for being a valuable member of the eBay community. Have a
    wonderful time shopping and selling on eBay!

    Arlene C.

    eBay Customer Support

    Again, bunch of bullshit from eBay. Screw you and your ways, I'm leaving.

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