eBay Bans Negative Feedback For Buyers; Everyone Be Good Now

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eBay has been making some changes lately that aren't sitting well with eBay sellers. First, it announced fee changes that initially were promoted as "lower fees," but the details showed were only lower for goods that didn't sell. The fees on sold goods were actually higher. Now, the company has banned sellers from giving "negative" feedback on buyers. This is quite an interesting move. Years back, eBay was often held up as the epitome of user feedback/rating systems. However, over the years, problems have cropped up, leading to questions about how effective the system really is, as it's often been gamed. A specific complaint is that many buyers are afraid to leave negative feedback, as a seller can retaliate and provide a similarly negative response to the buyers. The hope, then, is that by not allowing negative feedback, buyers can start being more honest about sellers. Of course, from the sellers' standpoint, it also means it's much more likely that buyers can now be problematic, without worrying about a response. eBay claims that it will now personally handle complaints from sellers about problem buyers -- which seems like a pretty big undertaking for the company. Either way, there does seem to be something silly in having a company offer a feedback system if you can only say positive things.

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    Laura, 27 Jul 2009 @ 8:10am


    I have been a seller on e-bay since 1998. I am very fair, and actually have only had like 2 total negative feedbacks... all before 2000, and both were retalitory from the buyer (they did not pay, I left them negative, so they left me negative in return).

    The feedback policy is meant to show the other ebay members that you are good and safe to deal with. In order to do that, you must have input from both sides. I find it absolutely ridiculous that you can't leave negative feedback for non-paying bidders now. How are you supposed to warn other sellers that this buyer has a history of not paying?

    Now buyers can start making ridiculous demands, that is IF they send payment in the first place, and if they don't like what you say, they may just leave you a negative feedback with no concern for their feedback score.

    The feedback system is completely useless now, but that's feebay for you.

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