Talk Radio Host Accuses Critic Of Copyright Infringement... And Racketeering?

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Radio talk show host Michael Savage apparently isn't as open to accepting criticism as he is in dishing it out. He's suing the Council on American-Islamic Relations for copyright infringement, because CAIR used clips from Savage's show to respond to, and criticize, his statements. That's a perfectly reasonable fair use of copyrighted content. It seems clear that this is merely an attempt to bully and silence a critic. To add even more weight to that claim, Savage isn't just claiming copyright infringement, but racketeering. The reasoning behind the racketeering charge isn't entirely clear (and from the EFF's response about the problems with Savage's filings, it sounds like the reasoning isn't clear to even those who made the racketeering claim), but the idea that posting some radio clips and criticizing them could be seen as racketeering seems pretty ridiculous.

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  1. identicon
    Free Speech Supporter, 4 Feb 2008 @ 5:02pm

    Re: Re: Mike Masnick is a fool to take the side of


    According to the lawsuit chapters:
    The segment misappropriated was in excess of four minutes. As set forth in more detail herein, the misappropriated segment was used by CAIR for fund- raising purposes and the segment was used in a manner designed to cause harm to the value of the copyright material in the long and short term. This was the desired result and it was part of a greater plan and scheme to destroy public voices that express opposition to the criminal political agenda of CAIR as set forth more fully in the Second Cause of Action. (The allegations of the Second Cause of Action are incorporated herein by this reference.)


    CAIR has misappropriated copyright protected material from Michael Savage and made this material available on its website. This is actionable regardless even if CAIR had a genuine charitable purpose in using Michael Savage's material. However, even genuine charities must gain the permission of a copyright holder before using the copyrighted work for fund raising or other purposes.

    The courts will decide upon the merits, but it's not like there are many freedom fighters in today's society that have standing to fight this battle. Savage is a true American hero on this front and I'm saddened that you can't understand how the limitations of a free society provide haven for those who neither respect nor even understand freedom.

    When's the last time you fought for freedom in a way that would put you at risk?

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