Talk Radio Host Accuses Critic Of Copyright Infringement... And Racketeering?

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Radio talk show host Michael Savage apparently isn't as open to accepting criticism as he is in dishing it out. He's suing the Council on American-Islamic Relations for copyright infringement, because CAIR used clips from Savage's show to respond to, and criticize, his statements. That's a perfectly reasonable fair use of copyrighted content. It seems clear that this is merely an attempt to bully and silence a critic. To add even more weight to that claim, Savage isn't just claiming copyright infringement, but racketeering. The reasoning behind the racketeering charge isn't entirely clear (and from the EFF's response about the problems with Savage's filings, it sounds like the reasoning isn't clear to even those who made the racketeering claim), but the idea that posting some radio clips and criticizing them could be seen as racketeering seems pretty ridiculous.

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    Mike (profile), 4 Feb 2008 @ 1:32pm

    Re: Mike Masnick is a fool to take the side of the

    Maybe the great Mike Masnick could inform us all regarding CAIR's legal tactics and associations in their countless lawsuits intended to stifle speech.

    That's not what this is about. This is about Savage's attempt to stifle free speech using copyright. If CAIR is doing the same thing, then that's a different story. I have no problem pointing out anyone misusing IP laws for such things.

    He is a useful idiot for the political wing of the terroristic jihad.

    Wow. I said nothing about anything other than the misuse of IP law -- which this certainly appears to be, and suddenly I'm a tool of the terroristic jihad? That's a might big brush you're painting with.

    I love how anyone who points out that this shouldn't be a copyright issue is suddenly siding with the terrorists. Nice bit of debate strategy. You don't, however, explain how this is a legitimate copyright issue. It may very well be that CAIR is an awful, horrible group. I don't know. But that's a different issue than the one we're discussing. I recognize you might not like nuance, but it doesn't make you look particularly intelligent if you can't separate out the two issues.

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