One-Sided Surveys Concerning Software Licensing

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Someone who prefers to remain anonymous, submitted to us an unintentionally amusing editorial concerning the issue of unlicensed software. The editorial is written by someone at a consulting firm, trying to drive more business in helping software companies force their customers into complying with license terms -- so it's in the writer's best interest to make it sound like going after unauthorized users is good business. You'll notice as you read through the report that all of the data seems to only come from one side: the software companies themselves. It should come as no surprise that those software companies complain about significant "losses" due to unauthorized use -- as it's rare for most software firms to admit that they often benefit from the network effects of unauthorized use. It's even rarer for most software firms to admit that some unauthorized use comes from those who would never pay for the software in the first place.

From there, the report gets even worse, claiming that software license compliance efforts (basically, showing up at your customers and making sure they're not using more than they paid for) "cause few, if any, negative ramifications" and generally say the "impact of software license compliance activity was neutral, positive, or very positive." Once again, this is incredibly one-sided. It only talks to the software firms themselves -- who are either unlikely to admit or simply unaware of how their customers feel about such compliance efforts. If the consulting firm were really interested in understanding the impact of these compliance efforts (rather than just selling more compliance services), it would have also investigated how those on the receiving end felt about such efforts -- and the longer term impacts of treating your customers as if they were thieves. But, that might not tell such a rosy story, and might not be good for business.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous of Course, 1 Feb 2008 @ 3:04pm

    Living in a dream land

    These are guys selling their over priced copy
    and license management software while living
    in a dream land.

    Everything can be broken. Your LMS is broken
    before you make the last payment on it.

    Developers should concentrated more on the
    customer experience, rather than waste money
    on an things that bring no benefit for the
    customer. The money they save could be used to
    make their products more attrative.

    Add additional content available from corporate web
    sites, hard copy manuals for a nominal fee, technical
    support, moderated forums and all that jazz that tips
    the scales towards purchasing ve pirating... assuming
    the product isn't grossly over priced to start with.

    The remaining small percentage of people that will
    pirate the product shouldn't be counted as lost
    sales. They aren't ever going to buy your product.

    At best you get some exposure to customers your
    marketing would have missed. At worst people that
    would never purchase your products are using them
    for free.

    Pissing everyone else off to stop those few leaches
    is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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