TSA Staffer Hires Buddies To Build Insecure Website For Folks Falsely On Watch List

from the well-that-makes-me-feel-safe dept

We've had so many stories of government computer systems or websites that have terrible security or are just useless (but expensive!) that it shouldn't surprise us to hear of another one. Yet, there's always someone who can go a step further. Witness the news that the TSA's website for individuals who find themselves incorrectly on the security watchlist has been found to be insecure, with hundreds of falsely accused travelers exposing personal details by using the site. Even better, it turns out that the company that was hired to build the site got the job in a no-bid contract (meaning there wasn't any competition -- it was just chosen) and the guy responsible for figuring out who to hire just so happened to have been a former employee at that company. So, basically, what happened was that a guy who had taken a job at the TSA hired his former coworkers, with no competition for the job and apparently little oversight, to just build a website that turned out to be insecure. And, of course, without any oversight, it took months before anyone even noticed the site was insecure. And, remember, that this is the TSA we're talking about here -- an organization who's main concern is supposed to be security. I feel safer already.

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  1. identicon
    Ken, 15 Jan 2008 @ 11:43am


    I feel that you're either just bitter or paranoid. I refuse to believe that everyone in the world is out to abuse the system for personal gain or that our entire Government works by giving away sole source contracts to their friends. Many do, but in all honesty, it's society's fault for putting up with it and re-electing people that they know do it, like the Kennedys.

    As for benefiting from the system, if you mean directly, I wish (well, not really but you know what I mean); if you mean in general, I think we all do. We live in a great country; best in the world. If you really think that we're worse than the USSR, then perhaps you should move to Russia and try it for a few years and then come back and tell us all about your experiences. I'll be willing to put weight in your opinion after that; just don't do too much complaining about the Russian government while you're there or we’ll never get to hear your opinion of life in Russia.

    I whole heartedly agree with your assessment of people who pull the lever for a party without regard to whose running. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats and hopefully always will be able to do so. It’d be even better if someone would invent a viable third party.

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