Saying Bad GPS Directions = 'Killing Children' Seems A Bit Extreme

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Everyone knows that GPS devices have varying degrees of quality when it comes to providing routing directions. Generally speaking, none are great, especially when it comes to local roads. Some are better than others, but it generally depends on the location. Still, it seems a bit extreme to dub GPS devices with poor navigation skills as "child killers." However, that appears to be what some researchers have done in a report on GPS driving systems as tested in the Netherlands. Apparently, most of the navigation systems don't recognize that certain residential areas are really designed for local access only, rather than having cars travel through them. So they send people through those roads, where pedestrians have the right of way. From that, the researchers take the leap (and it's a big one) to calling them "kid killers." It's one way to get attention for your research, but not exactly the best way to get yourself taken seriously.

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  1. identicon
    ace rimmer, 9 Jan 2008 @ 6:20pm


    I am a proffessional driver in Canada... and have drove large trucks all over the US and Canada for about 18 years ... never owned a GPS System... have had to drive a large vehicle into places that are very difficult to manuver... without incident... and im sorry to say i feel i must take issue with that statement... Studies in Canada have show that most accidents in this country are caused by smaller vehicles (mostly rushing to pass the slower moving vehicle...) cause more than 90% of the accidents involving larger vehicles... I dont know about the training the drivers in your country recieve, but here the majority know what they are doing and are capable in their work... Most drivers in cars drive about 20,000 km per year... I myself have drove more than 250,000 km per year... through roads that i really didnt want to go down... but had to... People may be intimidated by the size of the truck... But generally the person behind the wheel knows the vehicle and has a better understanding of it then the guy in his car behind him annoyed because the truck is forcing him to do the speed limit... Im not trying to say we are gods on the roads... I have seen some bad drivers in trucks... but not nearly as may as i have in cars...

    Think about it my friend... If you got it... It was most likely in the back of a truck at some point

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