Saying Bad GPS Directions = 'Killing Children' Seems A Bit Extreme

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Everyone knows that GPS devices have varying degrees of quality when it comes to providing routing directions. Generally speaking, none are great, especially when it comes to local roads. Some are better than others, but it generally depends on the location. Still, it seems a bit extreme to dub GPS devices with poor navigation skills as "child killers." However, that appears to be what some researchers have done in a report on GPS driving systems as tested in the Netherlands. Apparently, most of the navigation systems don't recognize that certain residential areas are really designed for local access only, rather than having cars travel through them. So they send people through those roads, where pedestrians have the right of way. From that, the researchers take the leap (and it's a big one) to calling them "kid killers." It's one way to get attention for your research, but not exactly the best way to get yourself taken seriously.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 9 Jan 2008 @ 6:33am

    Does anybody plan a trip to an unfamiliar area without looking at a map first?

    I drove out to Colorado following a classmate one time. To get to our destination he wanted to take a road over the mountains that didn't even show up on the map I had. When I hesitated he got pissy and said 'fine' and headed off on his own.

    When he turned up a full day late it turned out that the 'road' he took was an unimproved gravel road that was intended for four-wheel-drive vehicles, not a Buick Regal, and after taking nearly six hours to go about ten miles he found out the road was impassible at the summit for his car and he ended up backtracking to where we parted ways earlier in the day. Coming back down in the dark he got stuck and had to wait until morning to find somebody to pull his car out of the mud.

    GPS is a tool. Just like a map. It was never intended as a replacement for common sense.

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