Saying Bad GPS Directions = 'Killing Children' Seems A Bit Extreme

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Everyone knows that GPS devices have varying degrees of quality when it comes to providing routing directions. Generally speaking, none are great, especially when it comes to local roads. Some are better than others, but it generally depends on the location. Still, it seems a bit extreme to dub GPS devices with poor navigation skills as "child killers." However, that appears to be what some researchers have done in a report on GPS driving systems as tested in the Netherlands. Apparently, most of the navigation systems don't recognize that certain residential areas are really designed for local access only, rather than having cars travel through them. So they send people through those roads, where pedestrians have the right of way. From that, the researchers take the leap (and it's a big one) to calling them "kid killers." It's one way to get attention for your research, but not exactly the best way to get yourself taken seriously.

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    Enrico Suarve, 9 Jan 2008 @ 3:13am

    Re: Re: Perhaps they came on a bit strong...

    True - I didn't say it would be easy but they could still come up with a way of doing it - I can think of a few off the top of my head which would be good starting points (probably need a lot of work ironing out the obvious bits I've missed but ain't that always the way)

    I would guess that mapping roads in a GPS is not easy either but they did that so applying the same problem solving abilities to a problem they are creating would seem to be a good idea (I'm surpirsed that they didn't see thisone coming from a long way off)

    I would suggest they start if they haven't already, as I can see this being the type of thing that governments will start cracking down on if not. The obvious implication being that you will have some government office in a given country saying "you must do it this way, using this half assed system" or "you must live up to these requirements"

    If the mapping companies were to do it and achieve a decent provable success rate they would probably be in a good position and likely be able to at least help consult on the rules

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