Saying Bad GPS Directions = 'Killing Children' Seems A Bit Extreme

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Everyone knows that GPS devices have varying degrees of quality when it comes to providing routing directions. Generally speaking, none are great, especially when it comes to local roads. Some are better than others, but it generally depends on the location. Still, it seems a bit extreme to dub GPS devices with poor navigation skills as "child killers." However, that appears to be what some researchers have done in a report on GPS driving systems as tested in the Netherlands. Apparently, most of the navigation systems don't recognize that certain residential areas are really designed for local access only, rather than having cars travel through them. So they send people through those roads, where pedestrians have the right of way. From that, the researchers take the leap (and it's a big one) to calling them "kid killers." It's one way to get attention for your research, but not exactly the best way to get yourself taken seriously.

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    Merijn Vogel, 9 Jan 2008 @ 1:49am

    Here in the Netherlands the road structure is far different than the one in the US. Our sidewalks are not as high, sometimes level with the street. The streets here mentioned are narrow. One little town had to ban large vehicles from their roads to 'hint' truckdrivers that they had to avoid it. Many large trucks became stuck in the narrow roads.

    In general, the maps in the Netherlands for GPS are very good; however, sometimes the *directions* are not, and yet followed blindly, despite the extremely good roadsign-directions.

    Increasing (heavy truck) traffic in small towns where people not generally expect them is a serious issue and really increases the danger for accidents.

    Add to that equation that cycling is not 'common' but 'ubiquitous', (there are more bicycles than people here) and serious accidents are bound to increase and happen.

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