OLPC And Intel Split Over Friction From Competing Laptop

from the sore-losers dept

Last year, after a very public spat with Intel over its competing Classmate PC, the One Laptop Per Child project appeared to patch up its differences with Intel and welcome them as a supporter. Now, they've had a nasty breakup, with each blaming the other for the separation. Intel said OLPC had demanded it stop selling the Classmate PC as a condition of continuing as a supporter of the OLPC project. OLPC head Nicolas Negroponte countered that Intel had "contributed nothing of value" to the OLPC project in the last six months. Negroponte's claims don't make a lot of sense. If Intel had merely failed to contribute resources to the project, that would hardly justify such a public and acrimonious split. The only other complaint, that Intel "continued to disparage" OLPC's product after joining the project, suggests that Negroponte is tacitly conceding that Intel's Classmate PC was the real sore point. As we said last year, this seems like a case of sour grapes on Negroponte's case. It's ridiculous to think that in a world with hundreds of millions of poor children there should only be one low-cost laptop design. Giving governments in developing countries more options can only be a good thing for poor kids. Negroponte sniffs that "we view the children as a mission; Intel views them as a market." But if Intel is able to provide developing countries with a better laptop at a lower price—and turn a profit in the process—what's wrong with that? Losing those sales might bruise Negroponte's ego, but it's hard to see how it's bad for the kids whose interests Negroponte claims to champion.

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    fuego451 (profile), 7 Jan 2008 @ 10:18pm

    Re: After checking the facts......

    I didn't say your post was FUD. I said it was "close" to being FUD. I was wrong to say that. It's more along the lines of a troll. There is plenty of information on the net about Intel quiting OLPC and I know you can find it just as easily as I can but you could start by comparing your article with this.[nytimes.com] That doesn't sound like "sour grapes" to me. Sounds more like the Intel gang are a bunch of self centered, egotistical pricks taking advantage of people trying to help others.

    Almost all the techdirt articles on OLPC seem to take on a condescending air toward the project and treat it as a dumb tech company that doesn't know how to run a business. They are neither! Perhaps you could offer OLPC some expert help.

    Finally, I don't think you appreciate, at all, the philosophy behind the project or the XO computer. Have you seen the XO, played with it, scrutinized the design, know how it works, know why they chose the software installed? Do you know that there is a button on the XO keyboard which will show you the source code of the application you are using? Do you know why they did this?

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