Latest Antivirus Error: McAfee Blocks A Bunch Of Popular Sites As Risky

from the sorry-about-that dept

A little over a week after Kaspersky's anti-virus software declared Windows Explorer was a virus, it appears that McAfee has had its own mistake, as an anti-virus update from the company started warning people to stay away from a bunch of popular sites, including ESPN, Friendster and Ars Technica. McAfee later admitted that it was a mistake on its end, but it seems that we're seeing these kinds of false positives on a fairly frequent basis these days. It's yet another sign that things need to change in how security software works -- but instead of real advances, it still seems like firms are bogged down with things like pointless patent battles.

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  1. identicon
    Krubuntu, 3 Jan 2008 @ 10:57pm

    Re: Re: old adage..

    Absolutely. I got an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop in August that came with Vista Business preinstalled and it drove me nuts. Tried Ubuntu 7.10 out by dual-booting and it took me a week to decide that all of my boxes from here on out will be Ubuntu or at least some form of Linux. I love it and did install Avast for antivirus "just in case" and I'm looking forward to years with out problems. I may not be able to play as many games but I'm sure my wife has no problem with that.

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