Nintendo's Own Study Show Wii Not So Great As Exercise

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There's been a little buzz around the news of a new study in the UK pointing out that playing games on the Nintendo Wii really isn't a particularly good substitute for real exercise, as some Wii-players would like to believe (and I'll admit that I'm guilty of playing some Wii boxing in lieu of real exercise). However, what may be even more interesting is the fact that the study was actually paid for by Nintendo. Perhaps we've just become so cynical about corporate "studies" like this in the past, that it's relatively shocking to find one paid for by a company that shows the opposite of what the company probably hoped to see -- and then to still see that study actually published somewhere.

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  1. identicon
    Mike C., 26 Dec 2007 @ 5:41pm

    Re: Common sense?

    Many have posted that "it's better than regular gaming", but for my wife, it's also better than regular exercise. She has a herniated disk and massive leg pain that 14 doctors have so far been unable to resolve over the last two years. Regular exercise of 15 minutes or more (even walking) just aggravates the problem leading to muscle weakness.

    We got a Wii for our kids for Christmas and the activity level of the Wii Sports seems to be just about right. Strenuous enough for the muscles weakened from inactivity to get some very light repetitive movement, yet not so strong that it makes things worse. I would not see this as any substitute for "regular" exercise, but for anyone who hasn't exercised in years (or decades), it can certainly be a nice starting point.

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