Apple Forces Rumors Site To Shut Down

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For a few years now, there's been a legal battle going on between Apple and Think Secret, a very popular Apple rumors site for publishing certain rumors. The lawsuit had many people up in arms, as they pointed out that Think Secret should be protected in the same way a newspaper is protected (and noting that Apple would never sue the WSJ the way it sued Think Secret). It made sense to go after whoever leaked the info to ThinkSecret, but going after the publication was ridiculous. While the case has dragged on, unfortunately, Apple won some of the legal battles. Now, as sent in by Jon, comes the news that Apple and Think Secret have "settled," but that settlement means that Think Secret needs to cease publishing entirely. The guy behind Think Secret notes that he never gave up the source, and calls this settlement amicable -- but it sets a horrible precedent for plenty of sites, and may create quite the chilling effect on reporters and bloggers alike. It's really a shame that Apple even decided to pursue this vendetta, and the fact that it ends with Think Secret being shut down completely is a travesty.

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  1. identicon
    Damien, 20 Dec 2007 @ 10:46am

    You call that a bargain?

    Fact: When my 17" PowerBook G4, which I purchased in Feb, 2003, went down last month, Apple replaced the $1000 motherboard for $300 (AppleCare had run out long ago)
    That right there is your problem: you think you got a bargain. The most expensive PC motherboard I could find off the top of my hat is a whopping $399.99, with a board equal to the feature-set in the G4 (2-slot DDR ram, Ultra ATA HD connection, either AGP or PCI video card connection) only running around $50 dollars or so.

    Sorry bud, you still got ripped off. Actually anyone who agrees to Apple's ridiculous prices is getting ripped off; but then I say that as someone who builds his own PCs... so there might be a bias :)

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