Opposition To Canadian DMCA Grows

from the don't-follow-our-bad-example dept

Michael Geist reports that a Facebook group he created to oppose Canada's version of the DMCA has swelled to 20,000 members in under two weeks. Perhaps as a result of citizen opposition, the Canadian government has apparently shelved the proposal for the year, although it will likely be brought up again next year. There are a couple of interesting things about this. First, a decade of bad press about the American DMCA has no doubt helped to galvanize Canadian activists against the legislation. The bad effects of the Canadian copyright proposal aren't hypothetical. Canucks just have to look to their neighbors to the South for real-world examples of the problems created by anti-circumvention law. Secondly, it's interesting how easy Facebook makes it to organize an effort like this. A generation ago, it would have taken thousands of dollars and months of effort to build a list of 20,000 people interested in a political issue. Now it can be done for free in a matter of days. It remains to be seen if opposition to a Canadian DMCA will be successful, but the odds are certainly better than they would have been a decade ago.

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  1. identicon
    pat donovan, 16 Dec 2007 @ 5:30am


    my biggest fear is (what i call) the BB effect...

    big-brother black-balls the blacklist.

    for the very best of reasons, the corp version of the web simply stops working... well, except for disneyland.

    censored-out websites, news black-out list, blackballed
    users. BB BB BB

    had a root/DNS attack last week. torgan redirect.
    provider was clueless and ineffective correcting the prob.

    intersting, eh?

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