Will Online Harassment Law Be Used Against Those Harassing Lori Drew?

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The story of the Missouri girl who committed suicide after being insulted by a fake child created by some neighbors keeps getting odder. As you may recall, the police decided (reasonably) that Lori Drew, the woman who participated in setting up and using the fake profile, was found not to have committed a crime. However, the town where they live recently passed a new law against online harassment, which seemed like a kneejerk reaction more than anything else. Still, the law was clearly directed at actions like those of Drew, Drew's daughter and another friend. However, in something of a twist, it now appears that this new law may actually be used against the hordes of folks now attacking Drew and her family online. Remember that a bunch of online vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to harass Drew for her participation in the hoax that resulted in the suicide -- even setting up a fake blog supposedly written by Drew trying to justify the actions. Drew insists she has nothing to do with the blog and it's part of the harassment campaign against her. While it does seem somewhat ironic that a law that was put in place basically because of Drew's actions may now be used to protect her, the lengths that these vigilantes are going to shows yet another example of just how far online mobs can go when they decide they want justice.

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  1. identicon
    Fighter, 13 Dec 2007 @ 5:49am

    Lori Drew is a Predator - Period

    We are really sick of the horrible and disgusting way the law has dealt with this and how now they & the media are DEFENDING poor poor Lori Drew. The story and her attorney's statements keep trying to rewrite history. Something we talk about on our site as the internet addicted & personality disordered do all the time. You know, bending the time-space continuum to play victim! Frankly, all one needs to do is go back to The Smoking Gun and re-read Lori Drew's initial statements to police. It's all there - but we guess Jack Banas and company can't read well. Or are willfully ignoring the facts. Danny Vice hit it on the head. MO Law officials want this to go away before the next election cycle. It shows, EOPC has said time & again, the major failings of the law when it comes to internet predation. The victims from our site will tell you, law enforcement does NOTHING or says "there's nothing we can do." For example, Nikki Catsouras' family probably got the same bum's rush from law enforcement in Orange County - particularly now that the Cal. Highway Patrol said in its press release it's "not responsible." Heck yes it is! A sociopath can fool anyone. Any time. And behind a keyboard, they feel invincible and totally anonymous about carrying out their sickness at the expense of others. Here's just three of our stories of how this can happen to anyone: We have a number of victims on our site - looking for help or justice with their online predator or sociopath. 1. Victim JT. One of the many wives of Nathan Thomas - Thomas is a serial bigamist and sex addict who meets his victims online (inocuous sites like single parents). Once he's convinced them he's ok, profiles and grooms them - he regales them with FALSE stories of being with the CIA and covert missions in Iraq. All lies. JT finally found out what he was via our site (another of his victims outed him a couple years ago) and the detectives in Vancouver are now telling her SHE has to do all the legwork to charge him with bigamy and fraud and sue him for annulment of their marriage. JT is a single mom now, struggling to make ends meet and can't find a lawyer to take her case or anyone to help her because she's too broke. Thomas knew this and has even called to threaten her not to take action. She's pressing forward but its almost impossible. Media attention could bring her nightmare to an end. She is getting counseling for PTSD. Thomas - On the Run 2. TM. This single, disabled mom was preyed on by a man she knew from college - 30 years ago. He is married, well known in his community, was the former publisher of a well known children's magazine and former marketing director of a famous entertainment company. He had a seemingly spotless reputation. Once he restarted their relationship, knowing she was severely depressed and being badly abused by her ex-husband - he seduced her into an online affair, knowing she wouldn't question his agenda. He sent a homemade porn video to one of her friends - who sent it to the FBI - FBI did NOTHING (we have a copy) He also got her to give up the names of her female friends, under the guise of "we are friends" & he wanted to get to know her other friends. This predator tried to start actual physical affairs with at least 2 of them. Once TM found out about him from other women he threaten her children. TM went to NYPD. After some investigation, it was found this man was not only up to his neck in online porn & phone sex activities but , he was a long-time client of former NYC Midtown Madame, Julie Moya. Information turned over on him was used partly to arrest Moya and shut down her Julie NYC brothel. (do a search on "Julie Moya" - you will find it.) The man was NEVER CHARGED by police with the many counts of soliciting they KNEW aboutand is walking around free as a bird - still working for a family publisher in Midtown. He has blamed her for every negative thing that's happened to him since (probably all done by other victims of his!) and has run an & offline smear campaign on this disabled, single mom - knowing she has no money to fight him. (we got some of the posts on his hate site taken down because they violated our copyright 0 we don't know if she did anything or was even able to) She was hospitalized for the trauma after it all and is still in counseling. By the way, he is also a political blogger using a false name and new online nickname as well. TM's story Update on TM's story and her cyberpath's abuse of FREE SPEECH 3. RM - was involved with a man she knew from her church during a separation from her husband. Had no reason not to trust him. Found out later he was an online predator. Caught a serious STD from him and is still being treated for medical issues, on her own dime. After confronting him and coming clean to her husband she then exposed him. - the man sued her for "ruining his reputation" and blamed her for his "band" disbanding. She had no money to fight him and his unscrupulous lawyer. This man also had her husband thrown in jail and despite settling with her - is continuing to harass her via the legal system. We have heard from 3 other women this man has preyed on this way - including a possible illegitimate child. Now that he's sued "RM" - all his other victims are scared to come forward. RM's Story This is one of the reasons we run our site. To help people like Megan's family and these women find some degree of justice. To know they were emotionally raped, blamed by the media and public, manipulated by a predator and traumatized is hard. All of them deal with varying degrees of PTSD. This deplorable lack of response by law enforcement & officials just empowers others to go out to use and abuse via the internet. All the laws in the world don't mean a thing when law enforcement refuses to enforce them. Now let's see what happens to MHIC. Let's see if it goes beyond the "uh... we're investigating" phase. Complaints have been made to federal & state as well as ISPs and guess what? There they sit, hiding behind "free speech." MHIC falls squarely into the pervue Communications Decency Act of 1996. So does Lori Drew's behavior. So does the behavior of California Highway Patrol and death scene ghouls towards Nikki Catsouras' family. Law enforcement's response in Missouri? Unacceptable. Law enforcement's law of response to all these things? Deplorable. Media's cover up and "sympathy for the devil"? Typical.

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