The Importance Of The Social Experience At Movies

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For years, as the MPAA complained about the so-called "threat" of the internet, we've tried to point out that the movie business shouldn't have much to worry about, if they stopped thinking that movies were all about the content. The truth is that movies have always been about the social experience of "going out" to the movies and having a good time. Just as people still go out to eat at restaurants even though they can eat for much less at home, people will always go out to the movies if the experience is enjoyable. Unfortunately, the studios and the theater owners (for the most part) still don't get this and seem to have gone out of their way to make the experience considerably worse over time. A new study, though, is highlighting the importance of the social experience in determining how a movie is received. Pointed out by Slashdot, the study found that the presence of other people around enhances the movie-watching experience. It turns out that, with people around, the overall experience is shared and spread across the crowd, leading to greater enjoyment. Hopefully, it's research like this that will lead the studios and theater owners to stop worrying about things like piracy or even simultaneous DVD releases and realize that if they build a better experience people will always want to go out to the movies.

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  1. identicon
    Anarchy_Creator, 11 Dec 2007 @ 1:34am

    Fuck Movie Theaters

    They do not give a shit about you.
    Their ticket prices, are two high, their concession stand prices are outrageous, their "Arcade" prices are laughable, and the overall movie going experience at the last 4 theaters I have gone to have blown almost as many dead goats as the movies I have subjected myself to inside of them.
    Everyone whines "Ticket prices are high because Piracy is rampant." I say Piracy is rampant because:
    1. Most of the movies Hollywood produces are crap, and only idiots would pay to see them (myself sadly included)
    2. Ticket prices are most likely fixed, and highly overpriced
    3. Snacks, and drinks are horrendously overpriced
    4. The bootleg arcades, and game machines they have to occupy your time while waiting for food/drinks/the movie to start suck more then Chuck E. Cheese, and cost more to play
    5. There are at least 10-15 minutes of ads for crap on TV no less before each movie let alone the 5-10 minute ads about other crappy movies that are supposed to come out next year or late sometime the year after that (when you've already forgotten about them you will see yet another ad on TV reminding you about it)
    6. There is always someone with a kid that will not STFU, and the parents seem too stupid or stubborn to take them out of the theater so they tell them to be quiet which never works
    7. There is almost always some stupid motherfucker in the row behind, or in front of you who wont STFU about either seeing this movie before listing off what's about to happen, or why it happened, or what they wish would happen
    8. Just about every 10-15 minutes an usher walks up and down the sides of the theater with his lame ass flashlight/cone doing god knows what other then annoying me while I'm trying to watch the crappy movie (not kicking out annoying people)
    9. Never fail at least once or twice a movie the frame will be washed out, a little off screen, or they will change reels a few seconds too soon, and cut off a conversation, or someone will magically teleport from one room to the next while walking towards someone/something
    10. there's only 1 fucking bathroom that is always as far away from the movie theater you are currently in so when you finally can't hold it in any longer after drinking you $9.75 16oz watered down medium coke, and have to excuse yourself you miss a good portion of the movie.

    I could go on, but why bother?

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