The Importance Of The Social Experience At Movies

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For years, as the MPAA complained about the so-called "threat" of the internet, we've tried to point out that the movie business shouldn't have much to worry about, if they stopped thinking that movies were all about the content. The truth is that movies have always been about the social experience of "going out" to the movies and having a good time. Just as people still go out to eat at restaurants even though they can eat for much less at home, people will always go out to the movies if the experience is enjoyable. Unfortunately, the studios and the theater owners (for the most part) still don't get this and seem to have gone out of their way to make the experience considerably worse over time. A new study, though, is highlighting the importance of the social experience in determining how a movie is received. Pointed out by Slashdot, the study found that the presence of other people around enhances the movie-watching experience. It turns out that, with people around, the overall experience is shared and spread across the crowd, leading to greater enjoyment. Hopefully, it's research like this that will lead the studios and theater owners to stop worrying about things like piracy or even simultaneous DVD releases and realize that if they build a better experience people will always want to go out to the movies.

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  1. identicon
    Spidersprog, 11 Dec 2007 @ 7:24am

    Sub-Par cinemas

    The closest cinema to me is an Odeon. I try to avoid it as only the main screen (screen 1) also the biggest has digital sound. When I can I go to the art house cinema (piturehousse@FACT) which has far better sound and picture. However I do get stuck sometimes as the larger cinema has a greater variety.

    When I get stuck with Odeon I find myself frustrated with being stuck in one of the shoddy smaller screens with poor sound and a (relatively) tiny screen.

    I think cinemas should have a sliding scale, based on the screens facilities.

    I always check screens facilities before booking (for any cinema) and decided whether its worth paying for or wait to watch at home, where I have a good quality HD screen and digital (although comparatively not as powerful) sound.

    So in my opinion if cinemas are worried about revenue they should offer better value to customers because all to often the value of watching at home outweighs a night out to the movies.

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