by Mike Masnick

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Anime Exec Responds To Fansubber Complaints

from the talking-to-your-fans,-what-a-concept dept

You may recall that we recently had a post about executives in the anime industry blaming fansubs for ruining the business (even as we'd also heard others report that it was the interest from fansubs that had created the US market in the first place. The post was based on an editorial piece written by someone within the fansubber community, basically saying that the blame was misplaced and the real problem was that the anime industry wasn't giving fans what they wanted. This is a familiar refrain, of course, heard from fans and customers across the entertainment industry. However, normally, the big copyright firms respond either by ignoring the complaints of fans, or brushing them all off as "pirates." Apparently, that's not true with everyone in the anime industry. Petréa Mitchell writes in to point out that the president of one US anime distributor, Bandai Visual USA, has responded to the complaints on his own blog. He basically says that the company recognizes the complaints and has been thinking about solutions (including simultaneous release of titles in both the US and Japan, rather than waiting a while for the US release). He also notes that they're trying to decrease their prices, but Mitchell notes that Bandai's prices seem quite high, even compared to it competitors. Still, considering that most industry execs seem to completely ignore fan complaints, it's nice to see one (even if in a much smaller industry) take notice and respond.

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  1. identicon
    Just Anonymous, 12 Dec 2007 @ 2:54am

    Re: My opinion

    All valid points.

    I'll be adding one thing though: In my personal experience, every time an anime has been localized and dubbed, there's always been something lost from the original. Plus I've seen a good deal of anime that simply won't make it to the west because of western censors.

    After I got into the habit of watching anime in its original japanese and untouched by wester censors, I found there was some good stuff out there that I'd never see.

    I generally hate almost all dubs with rare but notable exceptions (Azumanga Daio). The only way for me to purchase the anime in the form I want would be to import it from Japan if by some miracle the DVD has english subtitles which they usually don't.

    I can safely say that most of the fansubbed anime I have archived still hasn't had a western release and most of them probably won't anytime soon.

    My two cents.

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