Music Retailers Beg Recording Industry To Drop DRM

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We've already seen more and more musicians tells the recording industry to drop DRM policies that hurt the consumer. And, of course, we know that consumers prefer non-DRM'd music (which sorta goes without saying). Now even music retailers are wondering what the recording industry is thinking. A group of UK retailers have banded together to urge the industry to drop DRM altogether in order to help boost holiday sales this year. Of course, in the past, we've seen the recording industry insist DRM was needed to protect both the artists and the retailers -- but it certainly looks like both are finally realizing what many have said all along: the only thing that DRM "protects" (and it does a piss poor job of it) is the obsolete business model of the record labels.

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  1. identicon
    Da_ALC, 21 Nov 2007 @ 2:14am

    Record labels need to face that they cant and wont make as much money as they used to. Things change!
    There are allot of business models running at the moment which should just be shut down and rebuilt; The bradband internet system and the mobile phone system in the UK for example. They only exist to exploit people in ways that dont even make sence.. charging people for imaginary services. This, to me, is pathetic exploitation.
    Google with the 'g-phone' android system are obviously trying to change this, but in the UK carriers wont let it happen.

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