MPAA Explains Why It's Okay To Tie Federal Funds To Blocking File Sharing

from the because-we-say-so,-dammit dept

While Congress' new bill on education funding may not be as bad as some are making it out to be, it still seems quite questionable that Congress appears to be regulating the idea that universities need to do the kind of marketing and educational campaigns that the recording industry cannot. We've asked supporters of the bill to explain how it could possibly make sense to mandate such things, and the MPAA's top lawyer, Fritz Attaway, has given his answer, claiming that it's because the internet is "used primarily to allow college students to traffic in infringing content," while being subsidized by gov't funds. It would be nice if Attaway or someone else at the MPAA could actually back up the claim that the primary use of the internet by students is infringement. While I wouldn't doubt that it's a popular use, to say that it's the primary use is hard to believe -- unless you count things like visiting Facebook pages, using Google and sending emails as "infringement." At the same time, this doesn't seem to support the reasons for this bill. After all, many kids on college campuses own cars -- and I'd imagine that most of those students break the speed limit frequently enough. Yet, we don't see any bills being proposed in Congress that would prevent financial aid funding unless universities start handing out more speeding tickets and put in place plans to offer public transportation. So why should they do that for copyright infringement?

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  1. identicon
    Stacey, 25 Nov 2007 @ 9:12pm


    I never heard of the MPAA, or even knew what a torrent was until I kept seeing it on news sites ect. I am a music lover, I have always been a loyal customer to the music I enjoyed. I think what the MPAA has been able to do is sickening. It is so obvious that the member of Congress who are allowing the tactics to continue are being paid off. I honestly hope they are exposed and someone finds a trail to prove it. I am sick and tired of seeing crooked politics. Congress does not do much for the people anymore. It is all about the donations and that is the way they vote. Anyway, sorry for my rant. I just wanted to say that since I have become aware of this I have stopped buying anything to support any of the MPAA and all alike. I have also passed this message along to everyone I can. It is about time we get what we pay for and not the garbage they keep trying to shove down our throats. I hope the record industry dies and loses. I hope the Universities fight to stop this and if they don't I hope they lose students. Enough is enough, how far can this go before someone says stop.

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