Email Is For Old People?

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A few years ago, we pointed to a report in Asia, where kids were saying that email was for old people, and they were more focused on things like text messaging. This may have just been foreshadowing a larger trend, highlight by an article in Slate about how, just as older generations have embraced emails, kids have moved on to many different forms of communication from instant messaging to text messaging to private messaging through social networks to broadcast messaging through Twitter and Facebook news feeds. And, while it worries the reporter a bit, he's come to accept it and realize that kids are simply figuring out the best, most efficient way to communicate different messages -- where email as a one-size-fits-all communication system is a bit clunky. That's not to say that email is going away any time soon -- but that it's not nearly as important a communication tool as many "older" people seem to assume it is.

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  1. identicon
    JRM_GreyBeard, 15 Nov 2007 @ 9:57am

    e-mail and its complements

    I do not currently use IM, but I have found it very useful when participating in video / phone conferences for maintaining a real-time side channel for synchronizing among my associates, who were attending.

    Otherwise, I think its immediacy is too distracting. Given the corporate need for record keeping and accountability, users are a bit better served by taking a minute or so to compose their response -- it may be viewed in much different circumstances later.

    What the young-uns don't realize is that the bits they send into the ether may live for a long time. Don't say anything that you aren't prepared to stand by, either attached to your resume or displayed with your other family issues 20 years later. If you would find your behavior embarrassing when your kids bring it up 20 years later, don't document and publicize it.

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