Email Is For Old People?

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A few years ago, we pointed to a report in Asia, where kids were saying that email was for old people, and they were more focused on things like text messaging. This may have just been foreshadowing a larger trend, highlight by an article in Slate about how, just as older generations have embraced emails, kids have moved on to many different forms of communication from instant messaging to text messaging to private messaging through social networks to broadcast messaging through Twitter and Facebook news feeds. And, while it worries the reporter a bit, he's come to accept it and realize that kids are simply figuring out the best, most efficient way to communicate different messages -- where email as a one-size-fits-all communication system is a bit clunky. That's not to say that email is going away any time soon -- but that it's not nearly as important a communication tool as many "older" people seem to assume it is.

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    Anonymous Coward, 15 Nov 2007 @ 3:19am

    God, I'm old now. 28 years old, work in the tech field, and I can't stand any of the tools just listed. Text Messaging is okay in theory, but it isn't a guarenteed instant delivery. Which is the most important use for a tool like it, without that its dead to me. Instant Messaging just annoys the hell out of me because its so irreverant in its subject matter. If I'm going to be interupted doing something, I want it to actually be about something that matters to me. Broadcast messaging is okay for news feeds, but as a social networking tool.. it simply adds in too much cludge that I need to wade through to get to anything that matters. Email though.. Email is still relevant. Maybe I'm not hip and stylish, but I never have a problem figuring out what bar I'm supposed to show up to; and I probably have a much better idea of what my little social circle of friends are because I still rely on face time and interaction than whatever people decide to throw up on their blog or try to fit into a text message. Kids really need to learn that while technology is spiffy, and can interesting and a-lot of fun, its practically useless as a social networking tool. The more time I spend around technology, the more time I want to spend the hell away from technology. I still find it fun and interesting, but I crave disconnect time more than anything else in the world.

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