One More Time: The PDA Market Is Meaningless To Measure

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For years, we've been complaining about all these ridiculous studies that moan about how the "PDA" (personal digital assistant) market is shrinking, yet they keep on coming. The fact is that the market isn't shrinking at all -- it's just changing as PDAs are built into smartphones. Back when the internet was first catching on and people who had originally bought PCs were suddenly upgrading to PCs with modems, we didn't hear people bemoaning the death of PCs. Instead, people realized that an internet-connected PC was simply a natural upgrade in the market. The same is true with PDAs turning into smartphones.

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  1. identicon
    Ed Imbier, 14 Nov 2007 @ 7:42am

    A phone and wireless PDA can be best as separate d

    Some may find a phone, wifi device, and PDA together, a handy device. But a phone needs to be a voice communication device with an address book and maybe a calendar/todo list. That takes care of most daily functions. In that way it is tiny and only needs number keys, and eliminates notes in your pockets. Perfect for most people.

    But a PDA without a phone would mean a lot to those who want to remotely store and retrieve thoughts, pictures, and sound. That is a larger unit. That needs a QWERTY keyboard, a camera, wifi for browsing and email and IMs, calendar/to do list/notes recording, and a way of recording things you hear and a way of playing back music and podcasts while you are on the move. Do this and still fit in your pocket, play in your car, and sync with your computer is useful as a second carry-around unit.

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