Ding Dong, DirectRevenue Is Dead

from the apparently-it's-tough-to-make-money-being-legit dept

DirectRevenue was considered one of the worst adware/spyware firms out there for many years. The company was famous for changing names every time people started to figure out how sleazy the company's marketing techniques were, and then repeatedly claiming it had cleaned up its practice of sneaky installs when the reality was that it kept doing the same thing. Eventually, the company was sued and paid a $1.5 million fine -- significantly less than the $28 million in profits the firm's founders apparently had made (and the $80 million the company had brought in over the years). Either way, now that the lawsuits appear to be done, and the fact that it's pretty difficult to make any money in that business without surreptitious installs, the company is shutting down. I'm sure the founders who walked away with all that money aren't too upset by it, however.

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  1. identicon
    Rich Kulawiec, 26 Oct 2007 @ 8:27am

    Max is right, of course; they WILL be back

    I've maintained for many years that there is no such thing as
    an ex-spammer; neither is there, apparently, any such thing as
    an ex-spyware vendor. (Of course, sometimes they're the same
    people, cf Spamford.)

    And why should they stop, anyway? The worst that will happen
    to them is a mere slap on the wrist, a pitifully inadequate fine
    extracted years later (if at all). With millions to be made, and
    inconsequential risk, they have every reason to continue.

    Which is why the only reasonable response on our part is to
    blacklist them (their domains, their networks, etc.) forever....
    regardless of how many times they apologize, promise to
    reform, etc.

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