AT&T Joins The Party Of Jealous Telcos: Sues Vonage For Patent Infringement

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If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em for patent infringement. That seems to be the lesson that various telcos have learned in dealing with Vonage. Having seen Verizon and Sprint win big awards for patent infringement against Vonage, AT&T has now sued the company for patent infringement as well. The story, once again, is exactly the same. AT&T tried, and failed, to compete with Vonage in the marketplace. So now that they've lost, they've sued. It has nothing to do with Vonage "stealing" any technology. The technology behind VoIP is fairly straightforward. Perhaps that's why it seems like everyone claims to have VoIP patents. At this point, it's just ridiculous piling on against the first company that actually figured out how to market a VoIP telephone replacement service by a bunch of telcos who refused to innovate.

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  1. identicon
    A pissed off consumer..., 22 Oct 2007 @ 12:20pm

    When did you arrive at the conclusion of legitimate patents? Especially given the fact the argument is coming from Verizon, Sprint & AT&T - these companies are accustomed to screwing people for generations while they are the only available "over the wire" (pots, cable, etc.) carriers, at least in the eastern region of the US. They take someone else ideas, put them together as another idea and then patent it. Any idiot can do that, yet we allow them to claim such ideas as their own. Business in the US is about money and we know that from Chinese riddles, the Business is war. It's not what these companies can accomplish for you, it is how much you as consumer can afford to have stolen from your pocket before you start beating people up for it. BTW: they are not the only ones, the government also figured it can rig a profit on both the companies and consumers and so we are forced to take this crap from both, none the wiser. We should force these suckers out of our pockets and hopefully out of business by not indulging into their products, perhaps then after loosing billions we can get them to become human beings again.

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