Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com After Thinking The Price Was $275 Instead Of $275,000

from the false-start.--10-yard-penalty dept

The domain name business is hot again, driving up the price of popular domains names, sometimes to ridiculous levels. However, it appears that no one briefed the Dallas Cowboys on what these types of things typically cost. The owner of the domain cowboys.com recently sold it in a domain auction, with the winning bid of $275,000 going to the Cowboys. Apparently, on receiving the invoice, the Dallas Cowboys are claiming that it was a mistake -- they thought the bid had been for $275, not $275,000 -- and therefore, they wish to cancel the sale. Of course, some people are suggesting that this is merely a cop out from a team that has a bit of buyer's remorse. It does seem a bit bizarre that anyone would think they could get such a domain for $275.

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