New England Patriots Spying On Ticket Resales; Court Forces Stubhub To Hand Over Ticket Seller Names

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We've heard plenty of stories about organizations trying to ban the resale of tickets to events. It seems a bit silly to tell someone who bought a ticket to a concert or a sporting event that they're not allowed to resell it, but apparently some event organizers feel differently -- especially when the tickets are sold at greater than face value. The New England Patriots apparently are so adamant that people shouldn't be reselling their tickets for profit that they've convinced a court to force ticket resale marketplace StubHub to hand over the names of everyone who resold Patriots tickets for above face value. This seems like a rather large privacy violation -- and it clearly violates Stubhub's own terms of service (which is why the company fought it in court). You could understand being forced to turn over such information in a criminal lawsuit, but this is the New England Patriots requesting and getting the private info of sellers. For a team that just got into some trouble for spying on opposing teams, spying on their fans' private transactions doesn't seem like a step forward.

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  1. identicon
    Vincent Clement, 19 Oct 2007 @ 9:17am


    This is nothing more then shutting down a competing service. You can resell your tickets on TicketExchange (run by everyone's favorite ticket company, TicketMaster) but only at face value. You cannot recoup your service fees.

    The kicker is that the Pats (and TicketMaster) charge service fees on the resale. Make money twice from the same ticket - so much for 'protecting the fans'. Also, you have to be an existing season ticket holder or be on the Season Ticket Wait List (which requires a deposit of $100 per seat) to buy these tickets - so much for 'protecting the fans'.

    The application form for the wait list mentions that as a wait list member, "you may be offered the opportunity to purchase New England Patriot Tickets...before they are put up on sale to the general public." Another example of 'protecting the fans'.

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