Do Virtual Aeron Chairs Violate The Rights Of Herman Miller?

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Apparently the maker of the famed Aeron chair, Herman Miller, has joined Second Life... and discovered that there were virtual Aeron chairs created by others. To its credit, the company didn't go sue crazy... yet. Instead, it offered those who had a "fake" a free trade-in program to get official virtual Aeron chairs (yes, official virtual chairs... what is this world coming to?). However, it has started sending cease-and-desist notes to the makers of the unofficial virtual Aeron chairs, which they note are "firm, but polite." The company claims that these virtual Aeron chairs violate both copyrights and trademarks, but it's an open question whether or not that's necessarily true. The trademark claims may be somewhat stronger, but there's a point at which you need to take a step back and simply ask what's the harm being done here? It's a virtual world. The fact that people are making fake Aeron chairs should simply be seen as flattery and a sign of just how iconic the chairs have become.

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  1. identicon
    Bob Sadler, 10 Oct 2007 @ 5:03pm

    The real question is

    How was he logged into Second Life long enough to notice there were fake chairs? Second Life has become so unstable in recent months, you find yourself crashing every 10 minutes for no other reason then standing still. Perhaps Herman was out at Linden Lab where things are run from and able to use Philip Rosedale's machine, that apparently never has a problem with Second Life, as explained by his silence over the past 6 months while the rest of the Second Life Community has been screaming for changes and a Stable World.

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