OnStar To Warn, Then Stop, Stolen Cars

from the wait-until-someone-hacks-the-system dept

GM continues to expand the features of its popular OnStar system with a new service that's been talked about for years, that would allow the company to automatically stop a stolen car remotely. The last time we spoke about such a concept, it was four years ago -- and there were a lot of people worried about the idea. However, that may have been because it was the police asking for the right to stop cars remotely, rather than an individual using a private service (and they were also interested in using it to control speeders). In this case, the service would first alert the car thief that it's known they're driving a stolen car (and potentially that the police are on their way), and that OnStar is about to stop the automobile. It would then slowly halt the car -- though the driver could stop the car themselves at any time. The police apparently are excited about the possibility of this ending some high speed chases (and certainly making it easier to retrieve the car), but you have to wonder what happens if the service is hacked or malfunctioned.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Oct 2007 @ 6:23am

    It is truly amazing how many people think that the police are the good guys and not just another set of street thugs. That this is not a set op people out to do people harm, steal from them, and/or make slaves of them. Unfortunately 20th Century history shows the exact opposite as the Gaspo, KGB, Red Brigade (China), Pole Pots, Argentina Generals, Chilean Generals et have one thing in common. They were the legal authors at the time in their perspective country. Americas are descendants of people who fled, voluntary and involuntary, Europe, Africa, and Asia to escape from such Tierney. American has had a long history with such oppressors be that Regulators (West Coast), German Bund (North), KKK (South) and a number of lesser known groups masquerading as eliminate law enforcement which does not even began to approach the use of legal law enforcement in illegal ways which is so relevant that books have been written on subject. What I fail to understand is give this world history and American history why any one would assume that any power given to the police will not be miss used.

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