$1 Million if You Can Prove $7250 Speaker Cables Are Any Better Than $80 Speaker Cables

from the $302-per-foot-of-cable dept

There's just something about extreme audiophiles that is either amusing or depressing, depending on your point of view. Now, as a music fan, I've got nothing against trying to make things sound better -- but there are serious diminishing marginal returns after a certain point (and, of course, there are some really fantastic musical compositions that were recorded on such crappy equipment that it's never going to matter). However, there is a group of audiophiles who really seem to stick up their nose at anyone who dares to suggest they've taken things too far. Professional skeptic James Randi apparently wants to put them in their place -- and is offering up $1 million to make his case. As pointed out by Slashdot, Randi is now offering $1 million to anyone who can prove that there's any real difference in performance between a pair of $80 Monster HDMI cables (which many will claim is already overpriced) and the astoundingly priced $7,250 12-foot "Anjou" audio cables from Pear Cable. As Randi notes, the key is in the actual performance -- not in "qualities that can only be perceived by attentive dogs or by hi-tech instrumentation."

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  1. identicon
    sashi138, 10 Oct 2007 @ 2:12pm

    yea... more dollars then brain cells

    Seems to me that while one can argue back and fourth with experts and such that deal in the hardware and construction of such cables (the wire composition and its metalic makeup and sound conductive properties) as well as the transference of sound quality with most random bits of music taken here and there by audio mixing experts, to my common ears and eye it would eventually come down to one thing...
    'who's got' the 7000+ dollars to spend on buying a dozen feet of both cables to *TEST* this theory..
    because if its wrong, then the buyer that wanted to try that experiment is out *7 grand* plus for a pair of cables that prompted them to shoot for the million dollar prize!

    Personally, I can definetly see the reason's behind the necessity of this test, but I, for one, as jane normal honestly can't cough up seven grand plus for doing something that I am already convinced is a fool's errand.. if they have that much money and can throw it away on vanity of a cable put together by some company that knows their ego is as big as their wallets, then they dont see them as customers.. they see them as the Assinine SUCKERS they are.

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