Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

from the did-someone-call-Streisand's-name? dept

We've covered a variety of cases involving so-called "sucks sites," where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn't pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it's become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate -- and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won't take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn't it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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  1. identicon
    Carl, 13 Apr 2008 @ 5:15pm

    Re: Re: you are so right.

    I know that dread feeling oh so well. Been with lowes almost 10years now. Will say when I first started I thought it was one of the best places I had ever worked at.
    The last 4 years has change that totally around. They say that the sales are down and they cant put more people on the floor till the sales are up. That statement made my head hurt. I really wonder how far up the management pole that theory goes. People go where there is service, price is secondary. When they do hire people the so called HR person has themsign a bunch of papers watch a few films amd toss them in a department by themselves on a Saturday afternoon. Dont know how the management team is in your store but it depends on how well you kiss up to upper management as to if you are promoted. We have a dept magr that is 22 years old with no prior mgt experience. He was a part timer that was made into a dept mgr in 2 yrs. I'm have the same feeling as you if they would give the depts the people needed the money would come. Dept I work in is suppose to have 2 specialist and a part timer minimum. Ask where the part timer was they said that the store doesnt have the hours for one. Asked who got the hours that Im suppose to have and I got no answer. It went to a pet of one of the managers. But thats another story. Well got to go. Getting worked up on day off. Thinking about Emailing Larry S and venting a bit with him and see how well the open door policy works LOL.

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