Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

from the did-someone-call-Streisand's-name? dept

We've covered a variety of cases involving so-called "sucks sites," where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn't pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it's become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate -- and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won't take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn't it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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  1. identicon
    Cheryl, 8 Nov 2014 @ 7:15pm

    Loews blows

    I bought a high end dishwasher from loews. Supposedly installation was included. The installer wasn't able to install it. So I hired a plumber to do the job. Shortly after it was installed we went on a month long vacation. When we returned we noticed the dishwasher leaked out of it door. Loews sent out a repairman. He had a sheet describing that this Samsung model has an on going problem with these leaks. Supposedly the top rack rolls forward and opens the door to allow scalding hot water to leak out and potentially open completely and hurt anyone near the hot water. He said he can't fix it. He said you have to reach way into the back of rack to lick the tray in place...you'd think once door was shut it couldn't be opened when water is spraying. Too dangerous and highly inconvenient(old dishwashers have a better design than this) loews won't give our money back..only credit. This was their top of the line dishwasher. They also won't remove the dishwasher since they didn't install it....keep in mind they didn't install it because their installer was incapable. Now I have to pay another 150-$200 to have the plumber return to remove it. Loews has been unreasonable. They should have removed it at no cost and I should have been given a full monetary refund...especially since they have prior knowledge of this problem..to the point they have an internal document discussing it. The loews repairman had this document and used it to explain what was happening.The product should have been pulled from their shelves once they knew of the problem until the design flaw is fixed and before they sell another unit. Since they didn't do that they at least should have informed me of the issue so I could have the chance to NOT buy it. And now I deserve a full monetary refund...for the dishwasher and all installation and removal fees.
    Loews is lowly

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