Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

from the did-someone-call-Streisand's-name? dept

We've covered a variety of cases involving so-called "sucks sites," where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn't pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it's become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate -- and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won't take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn't it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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  1. identicon
    unknown, 20 Apr 2009 @ 2:16pm

    Re: Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

    Well, we do installs for the Lowes co. And yes we are subcontracted out by Lowes. Now get this we do work for other big home improvement stores and Insurance co. etc..
    We wear our uniforms and drive our trucks with our companies name on them. Now Lowes wants us to wear their shirts with their names on them that we have to pay for, and put their signs on customers front lawns when we do work for them and heaven forbid we put the signs on our trucks, and to make sure we park our trucks in the street and if we park in the driveway we must have oil pan shields. And they want us to give customwers thank you cards that they never have in stock and that we must pick up because they won't mail them out. Well, just recently we were put on hold for any jobs because of the failure for a sign not being on the lawn. Lowes sends out a rep. to check us out and talk with customer about how we are doing . Gee we are big boys and girls here and not in kindergarden Why in the world would Lowes hire us out and expect us to buy and wear their uniforms put up their signs and give out their thank you card.
    All the other contractors we do work for use our company for our reputation and integrity and honesty, and they do not expect us to buy and wear their uniforms. Now, think, we go to a job that was sold by the other guy, we do our work in our uniforms and then we must go to the job site for Lowes and switch uniforms, and then we go do another job for the other guys again and we must change out our uniforms again. Wow what a mess, and again heaven forbid if we have any tools or supplies or buckets with the other guys name on it at a Lowes job site, because they let everybody know who did it and threatens them with their jobs to everyone who is reading the emails. Lowes also gets comments from customers for everyone to read
    And they say they aren't responsible for the subcontractor. I don't get it. I wear their UNIFORMS SO DO I WORK FOR MYSELF OR DO I WORK FOR LOWES. Lowes does not pay for our workmans comp insurance or our truck insurance or our taxes. Lowes wants the whole cake so they can eat it toooooooooo.

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