Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

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We've covered a variety of cases involving so-called "sucks sites," where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn't pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it's become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate -- and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won't take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn't it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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  1. identicon
    Lost River, 26 Mar 2009 @ 8:53am

    Re: incompetant installers and plumbers

    Kathy, It sounds like there is great confuson as to what really happened

    Lowes as a rule does not explain their contracts for installations. It is carefully worded to allow for the average customer to assume things that are not gong to happen. This is so that the customer never really hears the real truth about the actual real cost for any installation.

    That is the the truth...
    It is not a concocotion that we have made up. Lowe's standard installation charge will not cover any install at your house because it is planed that way to confuse the customer as to what this installation is going to cost you.
    Or at least confuse you long enough to get your commmitment on paper.

    It sounds like you as the customer committed to have Lowes install a new counter top for you at your house. But they failed to tell you that this contertop installaltion did not include a standard sink install at the same time.


    Well Lowes does not tell the customer that new countertops
    doesnot include new plumbing under the sink, or a new sink or any new parts. It sounds like you had to hire a plumber later. We are not sure. It sound like the job was screwed up that is for sure. We just are confused to whom did what.

    The standard sink install will not cover any of the true cost of installing a sink, or the cost to reconnect any R.O. water filter system. Now if the new conter top that was later ruined by the plumber that Lowes sent out, lowes sould pay. But I want you to know this right now Lowes might send a plumber or might send a handyman. They hire both but the customer is not aware of that. At Lowes im am under orders to keep my mouth shut about this but it is true. The basic counter install doenst include plumbing, the basic sink install does not include R.O.System and the basic sink install doe not include parts nor any caulking to make a good water tight seal for the sink, or the drain fitting in the bottem of the sink. The Lowes contracts words say this will change it the points of attachment are different. This is how they f the customer?

    You see they make it so that you assume what is incorrect at you home is the basic standard install and everything will be fine. It is far from the truth but the customer does not know that until the project is well past the point of no return and then lets the customers hang out to dry or cough up some big dollars to continue on.

    Which is what sounds like happen in your case.

    So please type your complete story here for better understading. We will be able to see what really happened and then explain it better for the next unlucky Lowes customer.

    So attention to all customers if you want the truth then leave your complaint we will figure it out together.

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