Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

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We've covered a variety of cases involving so-called "sucks sites," where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn't pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it's become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate -- and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won't take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn't it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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  1. identicon
    Mike, 2 Mar 2009 @ 10:43pm

    Sense and Senseless

    These sorts of situations always make me laugh. I worked for the Depot for a while and currently work at Lowes.

    1) To all the upset retail employees - Managers at the store level and even above do NOT get bigger bonuses by cutting hours. Every store has a minimum they cannot go below, and there is an equation based on sales past that. As a manager, you are accountable for staffing CORRECTLY. This means that you MUST add hours when sales climb, and cut(but not below the minimum) when they fall. Predicting sales can be challenging, but Lowes does a decent job compared to the Depot, in my experience.

    2) Lowes as a company from top to bottom most certainly shows concern for quality customer service. One of the surest ways to get fired as a manager is to let this element of your business slip in any way. Lowes tracks this number and makes a large public issue out of it at store meetings and manager meetings. Lowes will even force store level managers to add overtime to clean up well shopped stores during the week so that weekends can be customer focused. The issue comes, I believe, in the size of these places. Lowes and the Depot are very large companies that serve many customers. The law of averages means some of you will have problems, and that some of you will not be satisfied with how they are resolved. When I sell appliances I get this issue. Recommend an appliance to an internet savvy customer and listen to the claims that it is not reviewed well online. The truth is that EVERY appliance has bad reviews online...and good ones. EVERY retailer has bad and good reviews as well. Common sense.

    3) I can relate to many current and former retail workers about the many interesting and challenging situations that we all deal with when interacting with customers, but its important to remember that its a job. Not all of it will be fun. Try not to allow the rude customer to be the centerpiece of your day. Many of our customers also thank us for what we do to help them and recommend us to friends and family for future projects/purchases. We get Christmas cards and thank you notes...some people even bring pastries in and family members for us to meet. Remember the good customers and the positive interactions and take that with you to forums to post. There will always be losses, but why not celebrate some victories? Most of our customers are great people who work as hard as we do and really appreciate our efforts. Show interest and compassion for them and they will treat you the same way most of the time. For the times that they don't, just remember that we have all had bad days and difficult chapters of life and try not to take it personal. Its our job. If that is too much then service related jobs may not be for you.

    4) If any of you have an issue with the service at Lowes, please use the store management team and the conflict resolution resources Lowes provides. As a company, they are interested in making it right. That doesn't mean there aren't managers that take it personal despite themselves, but at the end of the day the Customer is the real Manager and Lowes is built on that idea. The customer pays all our big salaries and bonuses and keeps food on our families tables. For that we are grateful even when it doesn't seem like it.

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