Political Mudslinging Reaches New Lows: Using Anonymous Blog Comments In Attack Ads

from the well,-that's-just-too-easy dept

I almost hate to post this, because anything that touches on politics tends to dissolve into pointless name calling in the comments, but it is interesting (if sleazy) to find out that political campaign attack ads are now using anonymously posted blog comments to smear opponents. The ad in question has a voice-over announcing "what others are saying..." about the candidates opponent, and then shows some really negative comments that were placed anonymously on a blog post. Yes, this seems incredibly low. In fact, if campaigns are going to do that, they could simply post whatever kind of comment they wanted to any random prominent blog (as long as it has open comments) and then use that quote in their campaign ad. Yet, because it's now on a blog somewhere, they can pretend it's legitimately "sourced." So this is what they meant when people predicted that blogs would revolutionize politics?

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  1. identicon
    Dirk Sorensby, 20 Oct 2007 @ 1:26am

    It is the left and they have no shame.

    Such a campaign tactic is undoubtedly a democratic invention.

    Honesty matters. You fucking democrats. It isn't about how honest you "sound," it is about how honest you actually are.!

    The liberal democrats, in their relativism world, have become down right scoundrals.

    They have come to a place where ambition and power is their God, and there is nothing they won't do or say in pursuit of their own ambitions.

    The scariest part of it all, is that, it has become so common to be dishonest, that people don't seem to notice or mind, as the sick democratic leadership is shamefully dishonest.

    This horrible man Stark, should be shot for his behavior. Not because he bashed bush and the military; but, because he has so little self control and judgement. Why didn't he speak something sincere? Why would he say that Bush is killing our sons and daughtors for his own amusement?

    I think America should but the Iraq war on hold, and have a civil war, and kill off every last one of you dishonest, underhanded, traitorous, self-serving, communistic, horrible liberals.

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