Political Mudslinging Reaches New Lows: Using Anonymous Blog Comments In Attack Ads

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I almost hate to post this, because anything that touches on politics tends to dissolve into pointless name calling in the comments, but it is interesting (if sleazy) to find out that political campaign attack ads are now using anonymously posted blog comments to smear opponents. The ad in question has a voice-over announcing "what others are saying..." about the candidates opponent, and then shows some really negative comments that were placed anonymously on a blog post. Yes, this seems incredibly low. In fact, if campaigns are going to do that, they could simply post whatever kind of comment they wanted to any random prominent blog (as long as it has open comments) and then use that quote in their campaign ad. Yet, because it's now on a blog somewhere, they can pretend it's legitimately "sourced." So this is what they meant when people predicted that blogs would revolutionize politics?

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  1. identicon
    Xiera, 24 Sep 2007 @ 9:15pm

    I guess I'll be the balsy one who breaks the chain of anonymous cowards (though I don't expect anyone will be reading this anyways).

    One coward posted that "Americans have not had a say in the direction America moves for quite some time." Let me explain something: Americans have NEVER had a say in the direction America moves, excepting sizable social revolutions (civil right movement, for instance). We are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. This means that we don't have a say in what goes on in our government. It's the way it's always been. We elect the people that we think will lead the country in the direction we want (or sometimes the people we think are the lesser of evils).

    Another coward mentioned that partisan politics is a farce. While I HATE partisan politics with a passion (it essentially eliminates the moderate guy from the equation), a study of our history -- including detailed economics, taxes, etc., social policies, military policies, etc. -- shows that political parties are, indeed, a group of people who hold the same basic political beliefs, and not a fallacy.

    Furthermore, it should not surprise anyone that corporate lobbyists are having such a large impact in government. It's the direction that our society, as a whole, is heading: the almighty dollar is more important than values such as honesty. And we, as a nation, are doing nothing to stop the growing influence of these corporations. If we aren't doing our parts, why the should our elected officials be any different?

    Special interest groups? This is a matter of politicians wanting to win the votes of the members of these groups and the people who sympathise with these groups. This is American politics. You know why they're called "special interest" groups? Because their interests are not the same as the majority of citizens. You know how to change this pattern? Get the majority of citizens together to not re-elect said politician. All politicians are like that? Then YOU run (or find someone else who will not submit to special interest groups for their votes).

    Yes, the American system has a LOT wrong with it. Yes, we probably need a revolution. But unless people are willing to do something other than whine about it, nothing's going to happen.

    As for the topic, this should really come as no surprise. Politicians will use any means (and media) necessary to come out on top. It's sad (by which I mean pathetic), but true.

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