The Pirate Bay To Sue Entertainment Companies For Attacks

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Well, this could get interesting. Following the leak of MediaDefender's emails, the folks behind The Pirate Bay now believe they have enough evidence to sue many major entertainment firms for "infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming." Basically, there's evidence in the emails that a bunch of firms, including Universal, EMI, Sony, Paramount and others were using MediaDefender to try to mess with The Pirate Bay's system. Whether or not the lawsuit actually goes anywhere may depend on a lot of factors (including Swedish laws, which I am totally unfamiliar with). There may be some questions about how the emails in question were obtained. And, of course, the entertainment companies will likely counter that they were just trying to protect their own materials -- which could find a sympathetic ear in a courtroom. Either way it would be quite a lawsuit.

Filed Under: copyright, denial of service, p2p, sabotage
Companies: emi, fox, paramount, pirate bay, sony, ubisoft, universal

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  1. identicon
    Legal Mumbo, 24 Sep 2007 @ 9:46am

    Re: Maybe.

    No, the defense against the RIAA and their, at a loss for a better word, idiotic lawsuits, was that you cannot tie an INDIVIDUAL, down to a specific IP address. You can tie down the person who owns the account, maybe even the computer if its connected directly to the internet but you can not tie an individual.

    It works a little differently when its a company being charged, TPB doesnt have to prove it was an individual in that company, they meerly have to prove that it was an internal IP address from the company involved. Now this still doesnt bring enough evidence, but they think from this new leak of emails they have enough evidence in conjunction with some IP's to take these guys down a notch.

    I havent seen the golden emails but id think they would have to have some good stuff to actually file for charges.

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