Boston Police Still Calling Random Light-Up Devices 'Hoax' Bombs

from the it's-not-a-hoax dept

Earlier this year, a Cartoon Network marketing promotion became a huge story in the city of Boston when police assumed that some promotional light-up boxes were actually bombs. Rather than admit that they made a mistake and overreacted, the authorities in Boston continued to accuse the folks behind the promotion of perpetrating a "hoax" on the city. Of course, a hoax is where you try and trick people. None of the folks involved in the promotion were trying to trick anyone into believing the promotional devices were bombs. They were simply promotional. However, Boston still seems to be focused on calling any electronics device they don't understand a hoax device. The latest situation involves an MIT student wearing a sweatshirt that included a homemade electrical component that would light up LEDs on the sweatshirt. It's certainly understandable that security would want to check out the device and understand it. It's even somewhat understandable that they would be quite concerned about a homemade electrical device found in a sweatshirt. Walking into an airport with such a device is asking for trouble. However, to then accuse her of possessing a "hoax device," seems a bit absurd. This wasn't a "hoax" device at all. She wasn't trying to trick anyone.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 21 Sep 2007 @ 10:56pm

    Re: Re: They're selling haox bombs over the intern

    AND she REFUSED TO ANSWER a question about her crude, homemade piece of crap.
    She did no such thing. From ,"A Massachusetts Port Authority staffer manning an information booth in the terminal became suspicious when Simpson -- wearing the device -- approached to ask about an incoming flight, Pare said. She did not respond when the employee asked her about the device she was wearing, so the employee repeated the question, police said. Simpson then said the device was artwork and left the counter and walked around the terminal area..."

    OH NO! She didn't hear the question the first time and they had to repeat it! How dare her? Shoot, shoot, shoot!

    And when the police asked her about it:
    "However, she was rational, and she did answer all questions as required"

    Joe Jackass isn't an engineer
    She's in the engineering program at MIT.

    you don't have the right to scare people.
    People like you scare me. Collectively, you're a far bigger threat to my daily safety and this country than OSB or AQ could ever hope to be.

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