Boston Police Still Calling Random Light-Up Devices 'Hoax' Bombs

from the it's-not-a-hoax dept

Earlier this year, a Cartoon Network marketing promotion became a huge story in the city of Boston when police assumed that some promotional light-up boxes were actually bombs. Rather than admit that they made a mistake and overreacted, the authorities in Boston continued to accuse the folks behind the promotion of perpetrating a "hoax" on the city. Of course, a hoax is where you try and trick people. None of the folks involved in the promotion were trying to trick anyone into believing the promotional devices were bombs. They were simply promotional. However, Boston still seems to be focused on calling any electronics device they don't understand a hoax device. The latest situation involves an MIT student wearing a sweatshirt that included a homemade electrical component that would light up LEDs on the sweatshirt. It's certainly understandable that security would want to check out the device and understand it. It's even somewhat understandable that they would be quite concerned about a homemade electrical device found in a sweatshirt. Walking into an airport with such a device is asking for trouble. However, to then accuse her of possessing a "hoax device," seems a bit absurd. This wasn't a "hoax" device at all. She wasn't trying to trick anyone.

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  1. identicon
    Thales, 22 Sep 2007 @ 5:26pm

    Couldn't help myself...

    I should be shot for doing what I signed up for? You have no idea what I did in the military, you have know idea what I did at Guantanamo or what actually goes on there. Let's say I was a line-cook and I served food to soldiers and prisoners, whould I still be shot?

    I was a 97Bravo, Counter-Intelligence, and I was responsible for disseminating information from enemy-combatants and detainees. I can say this with certainty, I never treated anyone with disrespect or inhumanity. I never struck, chained, whipped, starved, tortured or debased anyone I came into contact with. I hear about how Fox News twists things into a conservative, Pro-Bush direction but what about the news you receive? You've heard somewhere or another than we are torturing and mistreating EVERY captured person... While I can't speak for things now, or previous to my arrival in Cuba, I can say that it did not happen when I was around. I will concede that there is no such thing as a non-biased media, which is quite remarkable considering the liberal fools who posted can't offer the same introspective evaluation of their beliefs. I will also concede that facts were skewed and hidden prior to our invasion, but there are facts that none of us are aware of. I like to think that our government is willing to play the part of the bad-guy because certain facts are classified or sensitive, and I also like to delude myself, for lack of a better term, into believing that in 50 years information will be declassified that exonerates what has transpired in Iraq.

    Truth be told, I don't support the war as it is being fought, I don't believe the motives of our invasion based on the facts presented to us, but I do believe that I was doing the right thing. I was partnered with an Iraqi translator right out of AIT, he and I became friends despite the stereotypes we both assumed of each other's culture and we often clashed about the morality of the things we were both doing. However, we both agreed that, once the zealous religious sects and foreign fighters were ousted, Iraq would be a better place than it was when Saddam was in power. This translator's brother, sister-in-law and their children were all victims of torture and murder, and several of his cousins were killed during sectarian attacks after Saddam was deposed, but he still believed these things... He believed that what he was doing was creating a country where something like that wouldn't happen, he believed that he SHOULD be entitled to the same freedom's Americans are able to enjoy, he believed that it was worth dying for the cause of creating a new country, he believed that we (*American Soliders) were "Godsent". He also knew that there would be many, many more casualties before things got better and that it was likely he would be one of them. The point? He was willing to die for the betterment of his country, and I am willing to die for the betterment of ours and his.

    You are right though, I did volunteer... and you didn't... so when you speak of what happens in Iraqistan or "Gitmo" you aren't speaking from experience or personal insight, you are speaking from someone else. Isn't that what most liberal, Bush-haters accuse conservative republican's of doing? Eating the patrio-facist, delusional lies that comprise Fox News' broadcasts? Look inward...


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