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Every so often we get people saying that the folks here at Techdirt should do a podcast, and we occasionally toy around with the idea, but for the most part it just takes too much time, so we leave it to those who are much more inclined to podcast. However, the folks behind two of the better tech-related podcasts both asked me to stop by as a guest this past week, so I wanted to point them out.
  • Leo Laporte was kind enough to ask me to take part in the latest episode of his massively popular "This Week in Tech" podcast along with professional curmudgeon John C. Dvorak and the ever insightful and entertaining Wil Harris. The TWiT experience was quite a bit of fun... though AT&T decided to cut off my DSL as Leo was introducing me. I heard the "and for the first ti..." part of Leo's introduction and then suddenly I had no internet connection. Luckily I was reconnected with varying quality after about five minutes. As you would expect from TWiT, the discussions range across a number of tech related stories, including quite a few found right here on Techdirt.
  • I may not agree with Adam Thierer about wireless piggybacking and metering broadband, but he was still nice enough to invite me to participate in the Technology Liberation Front's latest podcast on the topic along with TLF regulars Tim Lee, James Gattuso and guest Ben Worthen from the Wall Street Journal. It turned into a lively discussion on the topic -- though I'm still curious about which industries that use metering are really that innovative.
So if you have some time to spare and enjoy listening to a bunch of tech geeks and wonks chatter on, take a listen.

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    Anonymous Coward, 14 Sep 2007 @ 3:10pm

    Re: nice

    Brown Nose!!!

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