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by Carlo Longino

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Another Verizon FiOS Install, Another Home Violated

from the yes,-again dept

Last month, Verizon's PR folks went back and forth with a writer over whether or not one of their technicians actually started a fire at a customer's house when installing its FiOS service. The fire department says there was a fire, but Verizon denies that. In any case, the damage the installation caused was certainly significant, even if Verizon so generously paid for repairs. A month later, and look what's happened (again): a Verizon FiOS installer once again clipped an electrical wire, resulting in $2,650 worth of damage and a smoking house. Verizon's PR people are more than welcome to (again) argue about whether or not the smoke means there was fire, but regardless of their definition, these sorts of stories continue to pile up.

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  1. identicon
    fos install contractor, 30 May 2008 @ 12:14pm

    get over yourselves

    look ive installed as a contractor in oregon for 8 years,both comcast and verizon.each istall is different everybody has a different expirence and it dictates how they fell about things.i have seen alot off bad installs from all installers be inhouse or contrator,evan hvac,sparkies and plumbers have bad installs some are better at fixing the problem onsite.as far as (undocumented) workers yea its a fact of life this day and age.you should not bang conntractors just cause you have a bad install it happens we are americans to and we have kids think about that before you crush peoples wellbeing i would not try to take your job from you dont take mine!

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