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by Carlo Longino

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Another Verizon FiOS Install, Another Home Violated

from the yes,-again dept

Last month, Verizon's PR folks went back and forth with a writer over whether or not one of their technicians actually started a fire at a customer's house when installing its FiOS service. The fire department says there was a fire, but Verizon denies that. In any case, the damage the installation caused was certainly significant, even if Verizon so generously paid for repairs. A month later, and look what's happened (again): a Verizon FiOS installer once again clipped an electrical wire, resulting in $2,650 worth of damage and a smoking house. Verizon's PR people are more than welcome to (again) argue about whether or not the smoke means there was fire, but regardless of their definition, these sorts of stories continue to pile up.

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  1. identicon
    FastFusion, 12 Apr 2008 @ 11:43pm

    Contractors and Subs are suppose to be Insured

    Ask the contractor for a copy of thier Insurance Certificate before the install starts. Take pictures before the install. Take the day off from work and watch the work being done. As for undocumented workers. Call ICE and watch the $25,000.00 fine per man start. If the installers cut through a cable or pipe call the fire dept and get a report. Then call your homeowners insurance or Apt insurance company.

    I install and service LARGE HVAC equipment and our company is a welding and boiler company. We do not make mistakes. We are trained. I have installed hundreds of runs in homes from refrigerant lines to Romex/BX/MC/EMT and Cable/Phone/Power/Gas/water/Pex/CSST lines. Never did I cut into any type of line. We solder inside walls, attics and basements(no fires yet in 25 yrs). Check before drilling. Stop at the first hole and use the bit to probe around inside the wall (with the drill stopped of course). We now use a Ridged See Snake hand held camera with a 3 ft lead to look. It cost $220 dollars (here in NJ).

    If they work in your unfinished basement make sure they run the wire parralel to the beams so later on you can sheet rock the basement ceiling if you want. DONT let the installer jump beams with wires, cable or pipe. If they have to jump beams make them drill holes and pull the wire or pipe through the holes. Make sure the holes are drilled in the center of the beams so nails from sheet rocking wont pierce the work. If they did this they are professional. If not call them back and make them fix it for free.

    Call Consumer affairs and Better Business (BBB) and file a complaint. Call the Town were you live and complain to the permit dept. Find out who the Inspector is for your municipality is and call them. You can call the Plumbing or Electrical Board in your state and file a complaint there. In NJ you need to be Licensed to install low voltage wiring or Gas, Domestic Water etc.. Also need to be a registered business and prove INSURANCE to get a contractors License.

    If you think the contractor is NOT qualified ask them to leave and call the prime contractor (Verizon, Att, Comcast, Plumbers, electricians etc...) and tell them to send someone else.

    Do your homework. And always use qualified craftsmen and mechanics. We arn't cheep. But it's your home or business we're talking about. Be prepared to pay the price for quality work.

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