Some Hospitals Not Just Encouraging Mobile Phone Usage, But Installing Technology To Make It Easier

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Remember how hospitals were banning mobile phones out of a fear that the signal would interfere with medical equipment? That turned out to not be much of a problem and soon doctors from around the world were clamoring for the right to use their own mobile phones. A recent study even found tremendous benefits in allowing mobile phone usage in hospitals, including better communication among staff members and lower error rates, thanks to that improved communication. The latest is that some hospitals aren't just allowing mobile phone usage, they're making it possible by installing local antennas to make it even easier for mobile phones to work. The hospitals point out that this is likely to lower the likelihood of interference, as the mobile phones don't have to broadcast as strong a signal if the "tower" is so close. Then, of course, there's the benefit of having happier patients who can more easily stay in touch with friends and family (and also making it easier for those friends and family members to visit). All in all it seems to make a lot of sense, though there are still some holdouts among hospitals that don't feel there's enough evidence to allow mobile phones into hospitals just yet.

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  1. identicon
    Woody, 6 Sep 2007 @ 3:12am


    It takes time for the technology to catch up to the times. I do believe we are living in the last 12 pages of the bible. It would be nice if people having long winded conversations would take their cell phone outside or at least not use the walkie talkie feature. The hospitals have always used the RF interference as an excuse. I mean how do you come out and tell people how stupid they look with their cell phone rudeness. Yes its a good thing and the hospitals have simply lied all this time. They should have cell phone etiquette policies for the associates, but they wont be able to control the public, other than keep on lying or have designated blackout (no cell phone calls)areas of the hospital. The hospitals that keep holding out on allowing the calls are vain. BLAH BLAH BLAH

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