Police Realizing Craigslist Is A Resource, Not A Problem

from the well,-that's-good dept

Last month, we noted that Atlanta's mayor was wrongly blaming Craigslist for child prostitution, saying that Craigslist needed to take responsibility for preventing that kind of activity. The problem, of course, is that Craigslist isn't to blame. It's merely the platform. Not only that, by being such a popular platform it should have made it easier for police to target those who were actually doing something wrong. In fact, it looks like many other areas of the country realize that Craigslist is actually quite a useful tool. Police in a variety of places have now learned to track down those who are breaking the law on Craigslist. They aren't blaming the site, but recognizing how it helps them better capture criminals. It's nice to know that the misguided views of Atlanta's mayor aren't widespread.

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    name, 6 Sep 2007 @ 12:02pm

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    then leave u f'in moron

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