City Sends Spy Planes Out To Determine If Your Home Is Wasting Energy

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It's no secret that not everyone realizes how wasteful they are of energy resources. However, apparently one city in the UK went to rather extreme measures to make that point clear to residents in the city. It hired a spy plane to fly over the city and take heat loss photos across the entire city. The photos were then matched to a city map, displaying which houses were leaking the most heat at the time the spy plane passed over. Eventually, the entire map was put online so everyone could see which buildings were wasting the most energy. What's unclear is whether or not these heat maps convinced anyone to actually do anything (or if it just freaked people out).

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  1. identicon
    Stephen Goodfellow, 10 Sep 2007 @ 5:00am

    This has no value...

    This is a very, very dubious use of the technology. I'd go as far to say that this is completely misleading and of no actual value what so ever.

    The temperature readings you get from an object are highly dependent on its surface texture. There will be no continuity between houses sitting next to each other with different roofing materials, so saying one is ‘hot’ while the other isn’t is utter bull. If they took these images during the day (or different times in the day) you’d even get a huge amount of heat reflected from the sun!

    Also remember that a building has five effective sides for heat loss, and your only looking at roof insulation. Thermal cameras can be used effectively to look at heat-loss in a building (and current housing sales regulations in the UK require you to look at this before you sell), but this sort of methodology is not in line with professional practise.

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