City Sends Spy Planes Out To Determine If Your Home Is Wasting Energy

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It's no secret that not everyone realizes how wasteful they are of energy resources. However, apparently one city in the UK went to rather extreme measures to make that point clear to residents in the city. It hired a spy plane to fly over the city and take heat loss photos across the entire city. The photos were then matched to a city map, displaying which houses were leaking the most heat at the time the spy plane passed over. Eventually, the entire map was put online so everyone could see which buildings were wasting the most energy. What's unclear is whether or not these heat maps convinced anyone to actually do anything (or if it just freaked people out).

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  1. identicon
    Matthew, 8 Sep 2007 @ 7:58am

    I want to see

    them fly over the building in which the web server hosting the Haringey Interactive Heat Loss Map site is located. That poor thing is probably putting out major joules trying to display the page for the world to see.

    Clearly, the page for public consumption has no details, but the original photos may contain many indelicate items of people doing things in their backyards when they thought they had privacy. I don't know the area's layout so I don't know if backyards and all that even exist, but still. Also, it does not take into effect how many people are in the structure using lights and so forth. Furthermore, it does not show how the houses relate to the surroundings. Maybe it is all really warm except for the houses that were empty?

    I kind of like the idea, and if it increases awareness and people act on that then its win/win. However, this is more of an expensive political stunt.

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